Maintaining Models

With the slowdown in housing starts, it’s even more important than ever to keep your model homes in opening day condition. If your homes have been open for awhile, now might be a great time to think about making some changes to update your interiors.

This apartment model had been open for six years, and the owners didn’t think they wanted to make a large investment in replacing the model but wanted to attract a younger, more established client than the models were attracting. The Home Idea Factory went in and by making minimal changes were able to make the model look like it was brand new.

This client was more interested in seeing window treatments that they could afford and wouldn’t be a huge investment. By using ready-made treatments from Country Curtains they were able to see drapes that were readily available and they could purchase and install themselves. Taking out the over sized armoire opened up the living room and hanging a prop television on the wall made the room look on-trend.

Even something like changing out bedding, or towels and rugs in the bath can make a world of difference.

Think you can’t afford to keep your models updated? If you want to continue to attract qualified buyers for your home you can’t afford not to.