Maisha International Orphanage Sends Message of Hope to Tornado Survivors

Photo copy 2Photo copyPhotoPhoto copy 3My sister and her family live in Edmond, Oklahoma and are one of the lucky families that have a storm shelter. Tornadoes touched down near them last weekend but what happened to them was nothing like what happened to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma.

Last Summer they had an unbelievable experience – they packed up trunks and suitcases full of shoes, clothes, blankets, and other needed items and headed to Maisha International Orphanage – an amazing labor of love in Kisumu, Kenya. The stories and images they brought back are life changing, and it’s a great reminder of how a small donation or offering can be life changing to these kids.

The beautiful souls at Maisha wanted to do something for their friends in Oklahoma City and Moore, and made this video as a way of showing their love and support. What a great reminder this Memorial Day weekend how precious life is and we all need to live ours to the fullest.

Doing The Most Good: Supporting The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Hurricane 6Salvation Army Hurricane 7Salvation Army Hurricane 1Salvation Army Hurricane 3It’s heartbreaking to watch the news today and see the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma. My sister and her family live in Edmond, OK and I have clients that have land lease communities very close to where the tornado touched down.

People always think that “trailer parks” or “mobile home parks” are the worst places to be during a disaster like this, but that just isn’t true. I was glad to hear that the Yes! Communities in this area only sustained hail and wind damage and no one was hurt. Their on-site managers made sure that everyone got to where they needed to be and are now busy helping them get emergency supplies and repairs. That’s one of the advantages of living in a well run land lease community – there’s always someone there to help.

If you would like to help the people of Moore that were affected by the storm, I encourage you to donate to the Salvation Army. They truly do the most good with every dollar that is donated.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day! I was reminded today as to why I became a Lifestylist® – my mother is the perfect example of who to live your life with style. We celebrated with homemade cinnamon buns and a cruise around their lake – how did you celebrate with your Mom?

The International Builders Show 2013

What exciting times these are for the building industry! The economy is starting to get back on track, and consumers are more positive about their futures and the thought of buying a new home.

The Lifestylist Brand is all about “Life Celebrating Style” and it’s great to have something to celebrate again! Attending The Builders Show and seeing what is new is the perfect way to start this New Year. It’s the first year that the show is being held in Las Vegas in awhile, and it seems like there are going to be exhibitors showing that haven’t been there in awhile. I’m also excited to see The New American Home – we were the Lifestylists for the 2011 home and I appreciate now more than ever how much work goes into each home.

On Tuesday I will be speaking on a panel discussing “90 Design Trends in 90 Minutes”. It was really hard to chose which ideas to talk about and it promises to be a fast paced program filled with great ideas. If you are attending the Builders Show I hope that you’ll come and join us.

It’s going to be really tough to get to do and see everything that I want to in 2 days, but I promise to take lots of notes and pictures and share what I see and hear here.

Kitchen Trends For 2013

Thermador Oct 11 29t’s looking like this Lifestylist® is going to be spending a lot more time in the kitchen this year, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our test kitchen is coming along really well, and we have a lot of kitchens we are designing for clients which is always lots of fun.

January is going to be a month spent on the road. Besides working with all of our clients we have been invited to the beautiful Thermador flagship design center to see what’s new as well as work on new appliances for the future.

The International Builders Show will be taking place in Las Vegas, and it is always a great source of trends in home design.

We’ll have lots to talk about and share, and we are also anxious to know what you think about the new trend to brighter, whiter kitchens. Susan Serra, one of the premiere kitchen designers just did an article for Cultivate on Kitchen Predictions for 2013 that has lots of great information so we wanted to share. What do you think will be the top kitchen trend in 2013?

Finding Hope in 2013

Another year is almost behind us, and I think most of us are looking forward to a fresh start in 2013.

Last year made it clearer than ever that nothing is more important than relationships. I feel so fortunate that I was able to spend time with my cousins I hadn’t seen in years, had some great sister time and what was most important, got to spend a lot of quality time with my kids and grandkids.

Being around the grandkids reminded me how wonderful it is to always be looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunities it brings. The amazement of what a fantastic job my kids are doing as parents, and how talented their Jr Lifestylists are keeps reminding me how important it is to spend time with family.

Here’s hoping that 2013 is filled with hope for all of us, and we remember what brings us joy.

Ground Breaking: The Hammocks at Canandaigua

Our goal at Lifestylist Design is to accent the community lifestyle in every home that we merchandise, and The Hammocks at Canandaigua has lots to work with!

Located on a beautiful ridge just about Canandaigua Lake and the historic town of Canandaigua, residents will be able to sail and kayak on the lake, hike or ride bikes on the miles of trails around the lake, enjoy brunch or dinner in one of the quaint locally owned bistros in town, or just hang out on their patio and enjoy the view.

Construction is well under way, and the rental office is already open so potential residents can chose their favorite location in the community. We have had so much fun working on the interior for the clubhouse – I can’t wait to have it all in place and complete!

We’ll have more photos soon – I can’t wait to see all of the progress.

SE Homes of Texas Show Exceeds Expectations

This has been an unbelievably busy Fall – home sales are definitely on the rise, and with that is coming a need for fresh, well designed model homes. No matter what challenges a builder put in front of us, we believe in exceeding our client’s expectations and I think with these 5 new Lifestylist® Designed model homes we were able to achieve that.

Smaller, cost effective homes are what have been selling lately, but when customers have been able to experience this beautiful home – the largest in the show – it quickly become the #1 choice. The SE Homes of Texas team was able to design and build a home that’s perfect for today’s busy lifestyle and it offers an open floorplan that everyone is asking for, an amazing outdoor space and an owner’s retreat that you would normally find in a custom home with a much higher cost.

The pet friendly qualities of this home are another thing that set it apart. The pet shower and built-in feeding center in the mud room are the perfect way to pamper 4 legged family members.

We’ve also been getting a lot of positive comments about the colors and furniture in the home. Very unexpected, especially in this price point but fresh and inviting without overwhelming the architecture and features in the home.

For more information on SE Homes, contact Ryan Blackburn at:

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Happy Labor Day weekend! I was checking in with my kids and grandkids, and loved the fact that both of my kids are really enjoying their homes and neighborhoods this weekend. I’m proud to say that both of them bought new homes in new communities, and the model homes really did make a difference in their decisions on which home to buy.

What really “sealed the deal” for them was the fact that they would be living in planned communities -my daughter lives on a golf course and my son lives on a lake. Security, schools, and the kids having lots of kids nearby to play with made all of the difference. My daughter-in-law was thrilled to have a couple move in across the street with a baby just a month older than theirs, and they are really enjoying play dates and taking the kids out for walks. My grandkids have made lifelong friendships with great kids in their neighborhood, and most weekends are spent having a block party where the adults all make a dish or grill and they hang out together in the guest home of the week.

Lifestylist® Design is all about Life Celebrating Style. Celebrating the attributes of the community is something that we excel at, and our clients appreciate the extra homework we do to make sure that the models to represent the lifestyles of the potential buyers.

When you are planning your next model home, look beyond the colors and be sure that the model will accurately tell your story and the story behind your community.